Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three Benefits of Painting Your Home’s Exterior This Fall

While the summer months are typically thought of as the best time to paint your home exterior, don’t be so quick to put the paintbrush down as autumnal weather sets in.

As it turns out, early fall can be an excellent time for painting the outside of your home, affording the following benefits:
  1. Fall has optimal temperature conditions for painting. In general, autumn temperatures remain above the minimum recommended painting temperature, which is anywhere from 35 degrees F to 50 degrees F. On top of this benefit, fall temperatures tend to fluctuate less between daytime and nighttime hours, putting less stress on paint.

  2. A fresh coat of paint is a great selling point. The early fall is a time period when the last influx of home sales occurs before winter descends and the calendar year wraps up. Applying new paint to your house is an economical way to boost curb appeal and desirability during this last surge of home sales, and is a way to set your home apart from other homes on the market that are vying for the attention of buyers.

  3. Painting protects your home from the winter elements. In addition to making your home look fresh and bright, a new paint job adds a great layer of protection to the exterior of your home leading up to the typically harsh winter weather of Central Indiana.
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